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Summer holiday villas in Italy

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Holidays in Italy cater for everyone no mattter what age whether on the beaches, Tuscan hills or around the magnificent lakes. And, if on a family holiday, what better way to relax than renting a summer villa - great fun, flexible and value for money.

Summer holidays in Italy are as popular today as they have ever been and for good reason. Great food and wine, long sunny days especially in the south and value for money.

During the hot summer months, the coastal areas get swamped with tourists especially along the Italian Riviera in the Liguria region and on the Amalfi Coast. However, in recent years, the southern region of Puglia has been gaining in popularity.

This area was laregely untouched by mass tourism but is changing with the arrival of the low cost airlines and the word getting out that this region has beautiful beaches, cities and ancient towns where the way of life has escaped the modern world.

Featured Italian Villas & Apartments

Holiday Rentals in Italy

Staying in an Italian holiday home for your summer holiday, whether a beach villa, apartment or even farmhouse in the Tuscan hills, gives you freedom and flexibility to what you want when you want. They offer superb value and typically with lots of living space which is ideal if travelling with a young family.

Booking your villa or apartment in advance, especially in the popuar resorts during the peak summer months, can help secure your holiday rentals in the best locations - near the beaches and local amenities.

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Popular Holiday Home Resorts

Things to see and do

Italy is fortunate to have a treasure chest of historical and cultural towns and cities to explore with many near the coast. If you are on a beach holiday and want to see a bit more of this fabulous country, then depending on which resort you are in, there are some amazing places to visit...

  • From the Ligurian resorts, the cultural and artistic city of Florence is definitely worth visiting
  • For holidays on the Amalfi Coast, there is the bustling city of Naples to explore with it's lovely marina
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii
  • Guided tour of Mont Vesuvius - the only active volcano on mainland Europe

Our view on summer holidays in Italy

Italy is a special country and is not just about art, food and culture. It is blessed with so much natural beauty along it's 9000km coastline with the Italian Riviera and Amalfi Coast some of the better known regions.

Summer holidays in Italy, no matter where you go, pretty much guarantee lots of sunshine, beautiful beaches and fantastic food and wine. Whether a romantic getaway or family holiday, its hard not to have a great time when on holiday in Italy...