How to get to Sälen

Airport distances

Airport Distance
Mora 100 km
Oslo 236 km
Stockholm 401 km

Sälen ski resorts are 410 km from Stockholm and 460 km from Gothenburg and are easily accessible by car, bus, plane, train and ferry if you are coming from Denmark.

By plane

Flights from Skåne or Stockholm take around 1 hour to Mora. From there, its a case of hopping on the bus for 2 hours before you arrive at Sälen ski resort.

By car

If your journey starts in Stockholm, its a good 7 hours drive to cover the 400km to Sälen.

By train

You can travel to Borlänge then take a connecting bus to Sälen.

By ferry

Stena Line – Color Line – DFDS Seaways –

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