How to get to Åre

By plane

Ski holidays in Åre - located in the county of Jämtland on the Norwegian border. The resort is situated 98km from the city of Östersund which has the nearest airport - the airport transfer to Åre takes around 1 hours drive. Östersund is a 1 hour flight from Stockholm.

Alternatively, you can fly to Trondheim Vaernes Airport on the Norwegian side from various destinations in Europe. Transfer from Trondheim Vaernes Airport (134 km) to Åre takes around two hours.

By air – Total travel times to Åre:

  • 2.5 hrs from Stockholm
  • 4.5 hrs from Schiphol/Amsterdam via Trondheim Vaernes Airport
  • 4.5 hrs from London Stansted via Trondheim Vaernes Airport
  • 3.5 hrs from Copenhagen via Trondheim Vaernes Airport
  • 3 hrs from Oslo via Trondheim Vaernes Airport

By car

There are a number of car rental agencies located at both Åre Östersund Airport and Trondheim Vaernes Airport. There are also rental companies located in Åre if you require a car upon arrival or for just a few days of your visit.

By train

The Åre train station is in the centre of Åre within walking distance of many hotels. Direct train connections are available with Stockholm, Trondheim/Vaernes, Gothenburg and Malmö. There is also a station in Duved which is only a few km away.

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