How to get to Lech

By plane

Lech is fortunate to be close to several international airports although Innsbruck is the closest airport with transfers taking around 1 hour. This means that long weekend ski holidays in Lech are definitely an option.

Friedrichshafen is a little further away and takes 90 minutes to cover the 134km. Salzburg, Munich and Zurich will take between 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending upon the traffic and road conditions.

Airport distances

Airport Distance
Innsbruck 116 km
Friedrichshafen 127 km
Zurich 194 km
Salzburg 295 km
Munich 307 km

By car

Driving to Lech or Zurs in winter is only possible via St Anton and Stuben on the south side as the pass coming from Warth is closed due to the high risk of avalanche and / or being blocked by snow.

If you are coming by car then don't forget to buy the Austrian road tax sticker "Vignette" as it's against the law to drive on the motorways without one. You can buy one at the border or at petrol stations. There are 3 type of sticker: 10-days, 2-months and 1-year. Lech is largely pedestrianised and parking spaces are limited.

By train

Whilst there is no train station at Lech, there are frequent fast rail connections from Zurich, Munich and Innsbruck to St Anton (including the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express) which is just 17 km from Lech. From St Anton, there are bus connections and taxis available with transfers of around 30 minutes.