How to get to Praz sur Arly

By plane

Airport transfers from Geneva to Praz sur Arly take just over an hour to cover the 85km. Given the very short transfer times, ski holidays in Praz sur Arly are ideal for long weekends which are getting very popular.

By car

Apart from the Albertville to Praz route where you pick up the A430, all other routes from within France means getting on to the A40 - Autoroute Blanche and exiting at Sallanches.

Remember to buy your Swiss car tax if you have hired a car on the French side of Geneva airport. This is because to get to Praz sur Arly using the A40, you need to drive on a short section of Swiss motorway that requires the tax sticker to be displayed - this costs CHF40.

By train

There are direct TGV trains to Sallanches (just before the end of the motorway before the climb up to Chamonix). The transfer from Sallanches to Praz sur Arly is just 16km and there are regular buses or taxis from the train station. There are also trains to Albertville in Savoie, which is 30km away.

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