Colfosco & Super Dolomiti piste map Skiing & snowboarding in Colfosco and Sella Ronda

In the valley of Alta Badia there are 51 ski lifts, 130km of pistes and 38km of cross country trails. The famous Gran Risa ski run can be found in La Villa, well known for its World Cup Slalom race and the lovely Valley of the Stella Alpine can be reached from Colfosco where you can admire the breathtaking view of the Valley of Mezdi. From here you can start a magnificent all day ski tour to Lagazuoi.

One of the top attractions of ski holidays in Corvara, Alta Badia, is that you can ski around the valley, perfect for beginners and intermediates, taking in the beautiful villages of...

  • Corvara
  • Badia
  • La Villa, and
  • San Cassiano

Plus, ski holidays in Corvara provide direct access on to the famous 24km Sella Ronda circuit where you can tour around the resorts and other valleys of the spectacular Dolomiti regions including

The Sella Ronda can be one of the best skiing days you'll ever have. It takes a good 6 hours and you can ski clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Piste map information
Black 4
Red 23
Blue 44
Beginner areas 6
Drags 13
Chair 28
Gondola 8
Cable car 1
Funicular 1
Railways 0
Slope direction N,S,E,W
Mountain restaurants 31

Colfosco trails & Alta Badia ski area map

Piste map for Colfosco

Piste map for Colfosco