How to get to Leukerbad

By plane

Airport transfers from Sion to Leukerbad are the fastest way to get to this fantastic thermal spa resort taking only 30 minutes. However, not many airlines fly there or regularly and so the next best airport is Geneva with airport transfers to Leukerbad of around 3 hours.

Leukerbad Transfers By car

To get there coming from the west, take the A9 until you hit Sion and then head toward Leuk-Stadt. Once you get to Leuk, follow the signs to Leukerbad. The resort is only accessible from the east during the summer, and even then only if the Furka Pass is open to traffic.

By train

Alternatively, if you are coming by train, Swiss Railways (SBB) operate a service to Leuk. A LLB bus will take you straight to Leukerbad from the train station.

leukerbad-map showing how to get to Leukerbad

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