St Gervais piste map Skiing in St Gervais and Evasion Mont Blanc

Skiing in St Gervais and around the Evasion Mont Blanc area is all about exploring this fantastic region with some 445km of pistes. With this much terrain to cover, you will definitely need your piste map. Ski holidays in St Gervais are excellent for families of mixed abilities, as well as beginner to intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

St Gervais is part of the Evasion Mont Blanc chain of resorts that offers 220 pistes covering 445km with 112 lifts, but you can choose to buy the more local and cheaper St Gervais Mont Blanc lift pass, which covers St Gervais, Saint Nicolas de Veroce and Megeve.

With the full lift Mont Blanc lift pass, you can also ski in:

  • Argentiere
  • Les Houches
  • Chamonix

If you are touring the area and end up on the far side of Megeve, a 2 minute bus ride brings you to Praz sur Arly. This tiny ski resort is the gateway in to the huge Espace Diamant ski area connecting with even more ski resorts such as:

Piste map information
Beginner areas2
Cable car3
Slope directionN,S,E,W
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St Gervais Trail & Ski Area Map

Piste map for St Gervais